Posted on September 8, 2023

The Dogwood Park Homeowners Association has created a committee of homeowners for the purpose of modernizing the by-laws of the Association. This committee is tasked with reviewing the current by-laws, Articles of Incorporation, and Declarations of CC&Rs, and to present a set of by-laws to the membership in a duly called special meeting of the members. At this meeting, members will have the opportunity to discuss with the committee any and all concerns with the proposed by-laws and vote on the changes. The committee anticipates holding the special meeting of the members in January or February 2024. It is the goal of this committee to produce a set of by-laws that best represents the intent of the HOAs founding documents along with homeowners desires and includes technological advancements for both current times and the future. The committee members are:

Jonathon Foman- Dogwood South

Damien Marshall- Dogwood South

Joseph Odom- Dogwood South

Bill Whiteside- Dogwood Park

Brian Lindsay- Dogwood Park

Richard Childers- Dogwood Park